Serve Day - Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to learn more about Serve Day 2020!

What is Serve Day?
Serve Day is simply an effort for the people who call our area home to join together to make a positive difference in our communities. It began nine years ago with a small group of people who had a similar vision for improving the areas we live in. Since then, it has grown and is now lead by Better Together, Inc. and a team of community minded leaders who direct hundreds of volunteers in multiple communities.

Projects can be community oriented like park improvements or they can benefit individuals like landscaping, wheel chair ramps or simple home maintenance.

What if I want to help?
If you are interested in joining the Serve Day Volunteer Force, click the 'Join The Team' link on your left. Lend a hand. Do your part.

What if I know of somewhere Serve Day can help out?
If you know of a project that could use some help from Serve Day, click the 'Suggest A Project' link on your left.

Is there an income guideline for Serve Day Projects?
Each project is evaluated by the type of need. Priority is given to projects that address the health and safety of individuals in the community.

What is the cost?
There is no cost to participate in Serve Day. Paint, supplies and labor are donated or purchased from local merchants to complete projects. There are no strings attached to this day. We simply want to serve our area.

When is Serve Day?
April 25th is the actual work day, but there may be some "pre-work" that will need done depending on the amount of preparation that will be required to complete the project. Please let us know if you are available to help on any of the days leading up to Serve Day when you register as a volunteer.

Who is involved with Serve Day?
Anyone can be involved with Serve Day. Our hope would be that civic organizations, businesses, faith-based organizations, clubs, associations, and others would be involved. We would love to see the entire western Treasure Valley get involved.

What can I expect on Serve Day?
For most projects, you can expect to be finished sometime around lunch, but depending on the project there may be a bit of pre/post-work that will need to be done. Please bring plenty to drink, sunscreen, and work gloves. Expect to meet new people, get a bit dirty, and accomplish a great amount of good for our community.

Who can I contact with questions about Serve Day?
If you need answers to questions not addressed on this page, click here .

We'll see you on April 25th for Serve Day 2020!

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